Embassy STAFF

Short description:

The Embassy is an outpost for British citizens. Their purpose has earlier been to promote the group and development of the settlement through diplomacy and agreements, but has become a more direct approach to the threats of society. Under the leadership of Sir Charles, the Embassy have had a lot to do with the development of the Settlement. They have helped with the security for people in the area, at one point they even evacuated a few chosen ones to Malta. The Embassy has returned to the area as a bridgehead for British diplomacy and peace enforcement. Some say they are the masters who rule from the shadows whilst others say they just have fingers in marmalade jars.

The Embassy, or Queen's messenger as some say, is a beacon of hope in Föne's not so bright future.

“The sun never sets on the British empire!”


Diplomacy. Community. British. Unity. Future. Power Factor. Hierarchy. Strenght. Action.

Brief history:

Although the diplomatic part worked well, there has been alot of threats towards the Embassy during it's years in Föne. The choise to move the Embassy to a more secluded location was a good decision from the Ambassador. It gave them a better chance to defend themselves and more freedom of movement.

The Ambassador also brought in a small SAS squad to increase the Embassys ability to be proactive in the area during 2019. This wasn't unnoticed amongst the population, for some it was a sigh of relief and for others a dark cloud on a bright sky. The Ambassador's role in the great Exodus of 2018 is still remembered by many as a sign on his great capabilities as a leader in Föne.


  • Color/Patch: Yellow. Year-specific patch for 2020 will be handed out at check-in.
  • Uniforms: Proper British Attire. British No 1 & 2 uniforms and other non camouflage British uniforms.
  • Weapons: All kinds of weapons, except 40mm grenade launchers.
  • Dedicated radio frequencies: 446.018750 + sub-channels.
  • Respawn: Respawn in Embassy or in the village graveyard.
  • Base: At a more secure location than the village.
  • Ammo restrictions: Ammo is restricted, for more information read the rules.
  • Special abilities: Connections with remnants of Great Britain.
  • Other: -
  • Type: LARP.