ER - emergency rescue

Short description:

Emergency Rescue provides medical care, extration of injured, research on the P-R32 and a hope for the future. Their main goal is to save as many as possible. No matter who you are or what injury you have received. They also try to purge and contain any signs of infection in the area.

Being neutral in a world of chaos is a difficult goal. They act for the greater good of the area and have been spotted to raise arms against what they see as a threat to all of society.

“Every saved life gives hope for a better future”


Rescue. Help. Unselfish. Courageous. Honored. Research.

Brief history:

ER continues to save countless lives in the area. Without them, the number of inhabitants had been significantly lower. The trauma team that was in the area in 2018 moved on to help other settlements. But the few brave medics that stayed in the area was of great importance. A few even got lost to the infected during the winter of 2018-2019 which meant that the ER only could field one ambulance during the summer and autumn of 2019.


  • Color/Patch: Yellow. Year-specific patch for 2020 will be handed out at check-in.
  • Uniforms: Civilian mixed with medical personnel/hospital clothing and bio-hazard protection.
  • Weapons: All kinds of weapons, except support weapons and 40mm grenade launchers.
  • Dedicated radio frequencies: 446.031250 + subchannels.
  • Respawn: Respawn in the medictent or the Embassy.
  • Base: Have a medic center.
  • Ammo restrictions: Ammo is restricted, for more information read the rules.
  • Special abilities: All members are medics. No patch needed as long as you dress like a paramedic/doctor or such.
  • Other: Will be provided with real ambulances from Inferno Games. At Least 50 % of the players in the group need to have a real driver's license.
  • Type: LARP.