The Cult

Short description - The Cult

Fanatics, lunatics, cannibals. These people go under many names and none of them are due to be positive. Afflicted with a mutated strain of the infection, these people are stuck in limbo between the rabid hordes of the infected and what is left of human society. Belonging to neither but longing for the world to be pure and clean. A world where the infected rules and humanity as we know it is gone. All that is left are the instincts of the beast where the strong will rule the pack.

And to get there... There will be a lot of sacrifice needed...

“The infection is the next step in human evolution. Its the beginning of something new. Something better...”


Fanatics. Worship. Cannibalism. Sacrifices. Infected but still cognitive.

Brief History

As evolution constantly continues a new phenomenon appeared in the forest. Infected that could talk, walk and think like man, yet still craving to feast on the living. In the early days of this new phenomenon a lot of lives were lost due to the fact that the settlement didn't know how to respond to the new "breed" of half man, half infected.

Since then this association of people has taken on the form of a cult who worship the infection as the natural progress of humankind. Still human and lacking the supernatural abilities of their infected brethren they see themselves as the caretakers of the virus, sworn to protect it. To feed the ever growing horde.

Given the limited contamination in their blood they don't seem to be able to spread the disease with their blood or trough contact. But they are however infected enough to be ignored by their infected brethren. How they are able to kidnap and infect healthy survivors remains unknown to this day...


  • Color/Patch: Year-specific patch for 2020 will be handed out at check-in.
  • Uniforms: A black robe or cape must be worn (black hoods).
  • Weapons: All kinds of weapons, except support weapons or 40mm launchers.
  • Dedicated radio frequencies: 446.056250 + sub-channels (civilian channel).
  • Respawn: Respawns at their own base location.
  • Base: Will live at a separate assigned location.
  • Ammo restrictions: Ammo is restricted, for more information read the rules. Your very limited amount of ammo will be notified at check-in.
  • Special abilities: Invisible to infected players, meaning being of no interest to the infected.
  • Vehicles: Yes, but cars/trucks will be limited in numbers and on a first come, first serve basis. We recommend that you bring some form of transportation or that you greatly appriciate long walks in nature.
  • Other: Will not infect other players like the infected players.
  • Type: LARP.