THE Unaligned

Short description:

The unaligned consist of many different types of people and groups. These are individuals of luck or skill that have survived the disaster. These are therefore not a unified group but a cluster of smaller groups or individuals. They have different experiences, different skills and completely different goals in the new world order.

Within the unaligned you can find many types of groups. Bandits, local police, scavengers, explorers, good old fashioned rednecks and hillbilly's or just some people who hide to stay alive. What matters to them is their ability to find solutions to their problems and survive in the harsh environment.

Earlier the residents in the settlement have been quite safe and only experienced minor attacks from external groups. But due to the conflicts the settlement was torn apart and now people live more spread out in the area. Apparently the foundation in unethical agreements only led the small remnants of society to crumble.

“We can only survive through freedom and courage”


Freedom. Survival. Preppers. Groups. Individualism. Just about anyone.

Brief history:

A group of survivors built the radio at Föne. This was very beneficial for both morale and the odds of survival as dangers could be reported in advance and spread over a wide area without the need of a messenger on foot.

A lot of construction and repairs were conducted by the survivors. But in many ways this was for nothing as conflict and the infection tore the settlement apart and most locals spread out over a wider area.

In 2019, the deteriorating sense of community lead to even more spreading out of both habitats and services. What might have once been called a village is now nothing more than an area with scattered living quarters.


  • Color/Patch: Yellow. Year-specific patch will be handed out at check-in.
  • Uniforms: Civilian clothes and gear.
  • Weapons: All kinds of weapons, except support weapons or 40mm launchers.
  • Dedicated radio frequencies: 446.081250 + sub-channels (civilian channel).
  • Respawn: Respawns at village graveyard.
  • Base: Can camp in the area marked as "village"
  • Ammo restrictions: Ammo is restricted, for more information read the rules. Your very limited amount of ammo will be notified at check-in.
  • Special abilities: Some people have special or pre-check abilities. If you have it you will be handed a special card at check-in.
  • Vehicles: Yes, but cars/trucks will be limited in numbers and on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Other: -
  • Type: LARP.