Short description

A former Scandinavian military spearhead. Now abandoned by its task force and stuck in the area.

The endless war with the Bear Tribe has become more costly over time but at least the Sons Of Rodina no longer pose a threat as they were taken care of. Having barely survived on the resources gathered last year, the end of the conflict seems to be near, though the area can't house two armies at once.

A high focus on running missions handed to them by their HQ.

“In the final hour, the bandits can't be allowed to win”


Symmetric warfare. Hit-n-run. Sabotage. Capture territory. Mission running. Domination points. Resource management.

Brief history

STF's origins are from a large and well supplied joint task force looking to secure a beachhead for bringing in troops and supplies to the central parts of Sweden. But a local militia known as Bear Tribe put an end to those plans and they were abandoned as taking the area was considered "too costly".

Trying to win the hearts and minds of the civilians showed to be a waste of time as sabotage from the enemy and even civilians themselves ruined any attempts at delivering aid to the settlement.


  • Color/Patch: Year-specific patch for 2020 will be handed out at check-in.
  • Uniforms and gear: M90 (team specific).

No form or size of worn ghillie suit/viper hood/leaf suit is allowed.

Any pattern the BEARS does not have as specific is considered free-for-all and carried at your own risk (See: risking friendly fire).

Combat gear such as plate carriers, backpacks, rain clothes, holsters or the like does not need to match the uniform camo patterns. But bear in mind that looking to much like a hostile might get you killed by friendly fire.

  • Weapons: All kinds of weapons.
  • Dedicated radio frequencies: 446.006250 + subchannels.
  • Base: Off game living and in-game base with possibility for in-game living close by. Specific rules for in-game living apply. See MILSIM-specific rules for conditions.
  • Vehicles: Yes, cars are limited in number and will be taken on a "first come first serve" basis upon booking a ticket.
  • Ammo restrictions: Ammo is restricted, for more information read the rules.
  • Type: MILSIM.