Code of Conduct

Inferno Games is:

  • first of all a friendly place. Everyone is attending the event to have a good time and meet new and old friends. Be friendly and respect all the other players regardless of religion, sexual oritentation, ethnicity or gender. Remember, this is only a game! Don't take yourself or the situation too seriously.
  • an event where we respect and follow the rules. This way everyone will have a better time at the event.
  • an event where we take responsibility for our own actions.
  • a LARP event. Be prepared to see, hear or be told things that in normal life might be strange, odd or even offend you in some way.
  • a LARP event where we stay in character as much as possible.
  • an event where co2-grenades, pyro and other effects are being used during the game. For you ears sake, wear hearing protection.
  • a airsoft event. This mean that you most likely will be hit by BB:s. It might hurt a bit, but it's a part of the game.
  • an airsoft event where you use eye protection at all times during the game when inside the game area.
  • an event where we call our hits! If you are unsure, call it. This way we get a good atmosphere among the players and less problems with cheating.
  • an event that allowes vehicles in game. This means that everyone have to be careful around them. When operating a vehicle, safety is the primary consern. Both yours and others. Make sure it safe to move the vehicle before doing it and follow the announced speedlimit. When operating around vehicles its recommended to use a helmet.
  • an event with many variables and players. Accidents might occur in different ways, and if it does we solve it in a good maner as soon as possible.