Update 2018-11-08


Game rules for Inferno Games Decay 2019 is online. Read it, learn it, love it!

And if you find a typo, don't be afraid to notify us on Facebook or via e-mail.

Update 2018-11-01

Frysen airsoft

Same procedure as last year?

You will have the ability to place an order at Frysen airsoft and get your order delivered to the game area for the 2019 event aswell. To do this follow the instructions in the event info under "Store".

Monthly update 2018-10-15

News for 2019 in short:

Another year and another game. There will be some changes to the game compared to 2018 years edition. Most due to player interaction and influence on the story and teams. There will be some slight tweaks to the game rules. The DP-system will be rebuilt from scratch and a new resource system will be added along with it. Teams will change a bit, some only be renamed and some added or removed. Ammo rules will go back to something similar to the 2017 year edition where everyone had limited ammo since the rules last event simply didn't work. So start your preparations and prepare for 2019 , more info will be added as time passes. Tickets will be released early January so start saving for the fee if X-mas tends to hit you in the face. Hope to see you on site!

Website changes:

  • Changes to layout and structure.
  • A new storyline about the development on the events.

Upon ticket release:

Some might notice that the form you will fill in is rather shallow. This is because we made the ticket procedure a two part process in order to make the actual purchase be quicker since the tickets disappear very fast. So to make sure you feel less stressed out when you describe your team and characters (LARP) you will only provide the most basic things like personal information and faction (plus vehicles for MILSIM) when you buy your ticket. After the money has been transferred to our account we will send out a complementary form for you to fill in with character/team data. so in short: 1, buy a ticket. 2, Pay for said ticket. 3, Get complementary form to fill in.

We also made the option "I am the team leader" which means that you are your player team leader or node of information and will get to describe your team and wishes. This does not mean you are given the HQ for your FACTION which is something else.

Teams changes:

  • Outcasts, Piranhas, Vigilantes has been removed as separate teams.
  • Survivors are renamed and are all included under Locals. Want to do your own thing? Then Locals - Unaligned is where you get the freedom to run your own idea; be it police, bandit or just a lonesome farmer. Remember that the rules for Unaligned still apply.
  • Sons of Rodina will be the third MILSIM team but with a big focus on LARP.
  • Embassy now sorts its own security personnel among the players in the team.
  • Blackbeard has grown influential enough to get their own team.
  • The Church and Inquisition has made a land claim in the chaos and now have their own team, and chapel.
  • The BAR is now a standalone LARP-only team and mission-hub.


  • The game rules will be updated and released at the end of 2018. Expect changes to MILSIM vehicles.
  • DP-system rules will be released in 2019
  • MILSIM resource system will be released in 2019