What is Inferno Games?

New to the game? - What we are and what we are not

We are:

  • A combination of LARP (live action roleplay) and MILSIM (military simulation).

  • A physically demanding game with tough terrain and long distances.

  • A place with hot days, cold nights and sometime lots of rain (and possibly snow).

  • A game dedicated to making a fun playable illustration of the apocalypse.

  • A game that lets players bring their own ideas and in many ways control and influence the story. What your character or team does affects the outcome of the story and the setting for the next game.

We are not:

  • A "Sunday game" with endless fighting and unlimited ammunition. We have ammo limitations for all teams. MILSIM-teams will have more ammunition than its civilian counterparts but still very limited compared to short skirmish/speedball games.

  • A game for those who do not appreciate to walk or stalk long distances. Expect to get wet, tired and sweaty.

  • Indoors. As the game is located outdoors we experience something called "Weather". The ability to take care of yourself is a bit of a requirement.

  • A Theme park, so stay in character as much as possible. The off-game world we normally live in does not exist here. The world is a harsh and unforgiving place as the infected walk the earth. Save all the off-game banter until the game is over or for the off-game areas. You are your character!