About ammo limitations

We have gotten a few questions about this, and there was a discussion in the Facebook group that we tried to clarify "what is ok" and not.

There are a few teams with an ammo limitation that varies depending on what kind of gun they are carried. This system is based on that each player may carry one main/primary weapon and one secondary (sidearm). This means e.g. that before you head out in the game area you chose what weapons you will carry. You may not e.g. carry one LMG/SAW, one carbine and one sidearm or one carbine, shotgun and sidearm.

This is simply because we want a fun game for everyone and not that certain players get a shitload of more ammo than others by bringing several guns. Or that players with LMG/SAW uses Stanag/AK-magazines in their LMG/SAW.

This will be informed at the general/security briefing for each team before game on aswell.


General information

As we sought a more "realistic" experience and not having loot boxes for people to drop their loot items in if killed (as we did last year) and for people just to drop the items where they died we forgot one important aspect... namely not loosing things in the woods (unless someone might find it) that we could use again on future games. Therefore we need your help to spread the following information to friends that might miss this information (will be repeated at safety briefing for everyone before game on).

If you die carrying loot or mission items (not personal or group gear), please drop it so it's visible at the nearest road. This means that we can collect it at the end of the game if someone else doesn't find it and do something fun with it during the game.


Föne Roadkill Restaurant

Same procedure as last year. Players will have the ability to buy cooked food on the game site if the hunger for something else than brains overtake you. Pytt i panna, hamburgers pizza (possibly), soda and some candy will be available.

You will find Föne Roadkill Restaurant at the hangar where the chrono takes place before the game.


Game mechanics and how-to guides

There's a complete section of good to know things in our rules section. If you want to know more about the DP-system, AT-system, Mines & Minesweeping and crafting mechanics for moonshiner/chemists head over to our rules section.

Find the information here


On site store

Frysen Airsoft will set up shop for the 2nd wave in May. They will also deliver to the game if you want to. Read more about it here:




10th of April all tickets will be locked to the current owner. This means that we will not make any name changes on tickets due to players selling or giving tickets away from the 10th of April. No exceptions.

This if of course so we have time to focus on getting the last things done for the game.

Also: no ticket "transfers" or name changes will be made on site at check in before the game.


Information update

We have sent out group specific information and the missions to all players except The Embassy staff (that will get theirs from their leader) and the Milsim teams (you will get them a.s.a.p.). That means, check your e-mails and in worst case the spam folder.

We also added a new part to the webpage called maps. There you can find an off game map with information about where to find specific locations. And added the civilian LARP map here aswell.

Maps can be found here


Information update

We have updated the webpage with information regarding the DP-system, Mines & Minesweeping and how the crafting will work for moonshiners/chemists. You can read it all here:

This way to read all the good stuff!


Radio frequencies

These frequencies are team specific and you are not allowed to “spy” on other teams frequencies for gameplay reasons. The ER and SÄK frequency may be used for calling for help. Make sure you have your radio setting on narrowband so you don’t disrupt other channels by mistake.

Bear Tribe - 446.00625

STF - 446.01875

Outcasts - 446.03125

Vigilantes - 446.04375

Survivors/”Living” infected - 446.05625

The Embassy - 446.06875

Piranhas - 446.08125

Emergency services and SÄK - 446.09375

Infected will not have an in game radio frequency because of brains. Or lack thereof. Infected players in “living” roles may use the Survivors frequency. Infected players will get an invitation for a communications channel on WhatsApp when giving Crew their phone number during check in.


Local laws in the Settlement of Föne

"Nemo ius ignoratur censetur!"

- Lord Charles Floppydisk, Earl of Westmorland, Her Majesty the Queen's Messenger.

The Embassy, or Queen's messenger as some call them, have created a local set of laws for the settlement of Föne. One part of the Embassy's mission is to stabilize the area and help it develop. A society without laws can not function well according to The Embassy. You can read the local laws under information about The Embassy/SÄK or "Life as a survivor".

The Embassy

Life as a survivor


Booking closed

The booking is now closed as tickets have run out. Those who haven't paid theirs yet will have a few days to do so.


Tickets running out and more game info

Most factions are full and the last tickets are running out. Make sure you grab one before its too late. Tickets are estimated to run out this month in current pace.

More information about game mechanics and the life as a survivor at the Föne settlement can be found HERE. This includes guidelines and information about weapon licenses, telephone communication, currencies, vehicle fuel etc.


Smoke 'em if you got 'em

We currently have approximately 400 players for Inferno Games 2nd Wave. There are still some places left.


Tickets left are:


Booking is open!

The booking is once again open. Get your ticket while they last!


Tickets upon release will be available to the following factions:

  • Bear Tribe (no hardskins available)
  • STF
  • Vigilantes
  • Survivors
  • The Embassy
  • Piranhas
  • The Infected


Facebook group for Föne settlement

Group for residents in Föne settlement. If you are a part of any of the following groups and have payed your ticket, you can join this group!

- Piranhas

- The Embassy

- Survivors

- Infected

Remember to read the rules for the group, to make it more enjoyable for everyone!

Inferno Games - Föne residents - 2018



Tonight at 23:55 CET we will close down the booking as announced earlier. The booking will open up again on the 15th at 20:00CET with all unpaid tickets available.


Payment due on the 11th

A few days have passed since we opened the payment and all the e-mails where sent out. This is a friendly reminder from us so you don't miss the deadline for your payments. On the 11th January your payment needs to be visible on our account and during that weekend we will remove all unpaid bookings.



As of now the payment is officially open. If you have booked a ticket you should have received the information e-mail. If not, first check your spam folder. If it's not there contact us on: gotnoemail@infernogames.se


New years update!

The time frame for payments can be seen below. Remind your friends so no one misses anything. Last year we where informed that e-mails ended up in the spam folder. We hope that won't be an issue this year.

Also we remind everyone to read the rules one last time before paying in january because some minor changes have been made. That includes the approved grenades and pyro list.


Ticket update

Today we passed yet another great milestone. 350 tickets are booked! And four factions are full.

But, if everyone that has booked a ticket pays and shows up for the event in May 2018, we will get a bigger game than last time!

ps. If you didn't get a ticket to the faction you want, keep an eye out on Facebook and here. We will announce when we start releasing unpaid tickets.


Ticket update

In less than 24 hours we got 300 tickets booked. That milestone took us about 5 months to pass before last game. So thank all of you! We are humbled by the huge response!

Two factions are also full, namely Bear Tribe and Vigilantes with some other factions close to.


Tickets are up

Get your shit together and sign up for the 2nd Wave in 2018.

Find more info under Tickets



Game rules are up!

The game rules for "2nd wave" are up on the webpage! Read and rejoice! Now in English and a lot shorter.



New camo rules for MILSIM teams

Due to a lot of questions and feedback about different camo patterns there will be some changes to the MILSIM teams. This means some patterns will be team specific and some will be free for all. This will make the game a bit harder when it comes to identifying friend from foe and places a higher demand on intel and knowing where your friendlies are in order to avoid friendly fire. But this also adds some realism since most conflicts today are not based around team red and team blue necessarily wearing different and easily identifiable uniforms. This is also based on the fact that there are hundreds of different patterns out there and we can't possible sort them in to two groups by any reasonable sorting criteria. Due to this we will test some free-for-all patterns for the upcoming game 2018 and see how it works out.

No uniforms will disappear due to these changes. If its removed from a team it only means it's placed under the free-for-all category and is still playable for that team.


Great News Everyone!

New page is up!

New game and a new page! The dates for the new game are set and along with it comes a few news for 2018, One being the obvious - the webpage and rules will all be in English due to the international players.

To see the new teams for 2018 look under teams in the menu.


  • The AT-system will be expanded. There will be target dummies in bases for practice before entering the field.
  • Bears och STF will have a forward operations base (FOB).
  • More missions that will have an impact on the overall story.


  • The game will also be played "outside the game area", by moving troops, assets, transports and such alike. This will affect events outside the game area but also on the event itself. It will affect news, resources and much more.


  • The settlers completed a mission in 2017 and managed to build a radio station. You can now listen to the news, entertainment, music and interviews on the local radio channel. The radio will be broadcasting on the FM band (normal radio).
  • The studio will be safe from attacks (no shooting or attack zone).
  • The radio will be live and you will be able to call the studio and talk live “on the air”.
  • Recording devices will be given to the Radio in case they want to make interviews outside of the studio.

Survivor rules

  • Fuel for "civilian" vehicles will be limited, so survivors will have to find loot in order to get more fuel. One bottle will give the vehicle 10 minutes of driving.
  • More in-game items that can be bought, sold or stolen.
  • Quest givers, that can offer different in-game assignments or tasks. To find a quest giver just ask around in the settlement.
  • The settlement will be more “safe” and focused on social intrigues. Attacks from infected can however still occur.
  • Civilians can now use all kind of weapons, except support weapons and 40mm grenade launchers. However carrying a visible license is needed for anything besides a pistol or a boffer weapon. If you carry an assault rifle without a visible license it will be considered a crime and law enforcement or military units can freely attack or arrest you. Licenses are not personal and can be bought, sold, stolen or looted. BEARs, STF, or SÄK does not need a license. The rules will clarify everything about this when they are released.


  • All players will be given a team patch at check-in, no armband is needed. Velcro on clothing or baby pins will be needed thou!
  • Wow! Many improve! So darkness! Much infected. Very MILSIM. Such apocalypse! WHOOP WHOOP!