“Most scientific discoveries are not done saying “EUREEKA WE DID IT!” But rather “Huh, so THAT'S interesting…” - Unknown

Personal log of Stefan Eriksson. Soldier, survivor and meaningless to humankind at large.

Year 3. Month 5. Day 26 AtC (After the Catastrophe)

I remember the good old days. The days you didn't have to be afraid. The days you could get by on a whim. The days when you didn't go to sleep hungry or spent every second fearing for your life. No running. No fear. No survival. You know, just live...

They say you only see what you have once it has been taken away from you. I say they are right. At this point the only ones who are well fed and well armed are the ones who learned to make those things all over again. Storages are gone. Not even the armies or bandits have supplies left. It’s a new world. Times have changed, and not for the better...

Year 3. Month 5. Day 27

I don’t even know why I write this anymore. It's not like I believe someone will find it. Or even less learn something from my ramblings. I’m a nobody, so why should someone listen to what I say? I guess it's just a way for me to have someone to talk to. Someone to keep me sane. For what it's worth at this point.

I have seen things, horrible things. Things one shouldn't have to see. Beast turning on man. Man turning on beast. Family turning on family. It’s not the end. But it's damned close.

I think my days are counted. They are on to me. I can feel it. So I hide in this sewer grate. At least all other exits are sealed off below ground.

Year 3. Month 5. Day 28

I feel a bit more positive today. Might have heard something move above but not so sure anymore. Buuuut since I’m locked up in here I might as well tell you my story, or more likely; tell myself my story in lack of better company…

I got separated from my unit during the first days of the catastrophe. The days when the infected moved in groups of tens of thousands. I think they all died or got infected. Speaking of which, the ones who made the virus sure had a sense of humor or appreciation for modern culture. The undead? Really? Let's make something very clear. They. Are. Not. Undead. They breathe, feed and die like the rest of us. Smash their head to a pulp - they die. Shoot them in the heart - they die. But they don't seem to care for pain nor personal safety. And a few bullets in the stomach won’t do much to them. Vital organs, repeatedly if needed.

Year 3. Month 5. Day 29

This is one hell of a shitty way to go. Been across the entire country surviving the most horrible slaughter known to mankind and the hell that followed and now I’ll probably end up shot in the fucking sewers like a dog. But then again what to expect? Nothing. Since nothing really matters anymore.

I could hear them again. Heavy vehicles. Not that shitty homemade things people ride these days but real combat vehicles. APCs given the sound of the engines and tires. Passed by above my head. Meters away from certain death.

Year 3. Month 6. Day 3

I keep talking about “Them”. THEM. Like I knew who they were. It’s fucking obvious to any normally talented baboon that the infection is man-made. Look at the pattern; all major cities around the globe at once? No alarms, no single incidents. Just full out chaos and death. No single person, group or terror cell is capable of this. NO ONE. It takes money, power, planning and every major powerplayer in the world to keep it silent until it's too late to turn back. But who are “THEY”? Your guess is as good as mine pal…

Had to move last night. Did it in the cover of darkness. Found tracks after the APCs or whatever rolled past over my head. Also found tracks of what they are capable of… shit… those boys were just kids… That wasn't a fight or an ambush. That was an execution. Some days I’m not sure if it’s us or the infected who are the real beasts...

Year 3. Month 6. Day 9

Church. Look to the east. Search for the lights at 23:30. Safe haven.

N57.189007 E12.278842

Year 3. Month 6. Day 10

I’m safe for now. But I plan to move. Too close to the old power plant. They say it blew up last year. This is not good. Should get a geiger counter. But to everyone's great surprise all well sorted specialist stores are closed. Permanently (That's sarcasm, and a fact).

Year 3. Month 6. Day 15

SHIT SHIT SHIT. What am I? Well let's answer that question with a single line - THE WORLDS BIGGEST FUCKTARD! So now I’m locked in this minimal attic with hundreds of infected below and around me. Great. Let's enjoy this waiting game. Oh! Did I mention I packed rations and water for 3 days!? One word. Fucktard.

Year 3. Month 6. Day 16

I'm too close to the powerplant. I feel slightly nauseous. Radiation probably. Great. Not like it was enough to be hungry. If I get to live long enough to suffer from radiation poisoning I’ll call that a minor victory! Hell! I’d even drink to that, IF I had something to drink which wasn’t vital to ransom at this point...

Started observing the infected and my surroundings in lack of better ways to spend my time. There are piles of dead bodies and half decomposed carcasses everywhere. My observations are probably correct, not given enough food the infected will starve and die like any human being. Just that it takes a longer time for that to happen since they don't seem to be bothered by the symptoms before death. It looks as if there are several generations laying about. But if the majority starved and died during the first year(s?), how come there is still more infected all the time? So many questions, so little answers and very few who politely wish to reply with anything but their teeth.

Year 3. Month 6. Day 18

Limabacka. Probably was a nice place before all this happened. Guess lots of people here used to work in the local industries to the south or at the power plant. Now hunting flesh in large packs seems to be the only job around here. They certainly have enough intelligence to recognize one another and to cooperate in packs. Last night I saw a pack corner a deer in a backyard. They funneled it into the yard where they had it surrounded. Either I’m losing it, or have they started to adapt?

I’m almost out of food even though I ate minimal portions. But on the good side I can’t see or hear any infected in the house below me. There might be hope still.

Year 3. Month 6. Day 19

Given my last years of life being out of food isn’t that bad after a while. But being out of water? I’m in deep shit now. Last water went today. Think think think

Year 3. Month 6. Day 20

I dared to go down below in search of water. Desperate times for desperate measures. But the water plants probably broke down ages ago and the local well probably had rusted or was out of power like the rest of this country. No infected in the house.

As I stood in the kitchen trying to find water I saw one of the infected moving outside. Yet again I don't know if it’s the lack of food but I swear I saw it opening its mouth, and it was wide enough to fit my head in it. From ear to ear. Somethings not right.

Had to go back up and pack my things. Too scared to stay down there.

All out of food and water. I’ve probably got about 48 hours before things turn horrible. Plans anyone?

Year 3. Month 6. Day 21

Desperation. I have to make a run for it. Wish me luck.

Year 3. Month 6. Day 27

Hiding inside the back of a postal truck together with a few hundred undelivered packages. Guess some things doesn’t change huh?

I could hear the drums of war last night. Major fire fight somewhere to the east of here. Local militia fighting some warlords perhaps? No heavy artillery or air support. Lasted for a few hours or so. So I guess it wasn’t “them”. It would be over much quicker in such case.

I’ll continue heading north east. Probably pass the outskirts of Borås soon. Keep heading north east and reach the east coast. Maybe find an abandoned boat with some supplies. They can’t swim so I’ll be safe for a while.

Year 3. Month 7. Day 1

Got to the outskirts of Borås. Traces of gunfire everywhere. Not a single living organism here. Looks like war has passed by. Houses burnt out and corpses everywhere. A lot of the corpses looks fresh. Accurate fire to the head. Single shots. The infected gives me the chills but someone fighting them with brutal efficiency. Far much worse...

I can now confirm that something is happening to the infection. It's not only one type of infection anymore. I saw one of them stretch into the air and loudly sniff if with what looked like a huge muzzle in its face. I saw another one where the fingers had grown into long talons. The mutations aren’t radical. But they are changing. I'm not sure if it’s the black rain and nuclear fallout causing the rapid mutations. I’m no doctor or scientist but I went to school long enough to learn that radiation speeds mutation. And to me it seems they evolve towards being more effective hunters as food has run scarce. As a famous movie about dinosaurs once said “Nature finds a way”... And right now I hate that it does.

I think I heard the sound of a drone today. I’m not sure but I don't know what else would make that buzzing sound. I can’t risk taking any chances. I'll start moving up along the east bank of the lake as soon as it gets dark.

Year 3. Month 7. Day 5

They found me. I can hear them move around outside the building. The roar of the engines to their APCs. I should never have picked up this canister. I’m not sure what's in it. But it did sign my death warrant.

I’ll hide the canister and this log here in the house. Maybe someone will make use of what I actually did know. If not, then this is a fitting goodbye to myself.

So here goes nothing: You suck! Now go get yourself killed. It’s inevitable at this point. Might as well try to bring someone down with me. I could use some company by now,