Etiquette in LARP

By Helde Sanitären, 2018.

Language in LARP

We use words as “IN”, “OFF”, “Relax” and “Skarp skada”/”Game off”. Do not abuse them since they partly exists for safety reasons.

IN - When you are in character and among other players.

OFF - This is for when you are not in character or have to ask someone something you are not sure about.

Relax - If you want to calm down the in game situation without disrupting the game use this phrase. For example it might be used in unpleasant situations like torture and such.

Skarp skada/Game off - It’s meant for when there has been a real life injury or a high risk for a serious injury to occur. If someone shouts this it shall be repeated by everyone hearing it and call off whatever you are doing.

Game on - If there has been a pause in the game for security reasons and the situation have been dealt with, call out this phrase to announce that the game will continue again. Everyone hearing this shall repeat it.

General guidelines

Stay in character as much as possible. See this as your normal state during the event.

If you want to discuss something OFF with someone, you take them to the side where other players can’t hear you.

If you want to verbally attack someone, always attack the character, not the player. To harass someone due to their ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual orientation is not okay. Try to allude faction or something other relevant to the game. For example “You smell like an infected!”

Don’t be afraid to improvise. Act on your co-players behaviour, e.g. sometimes to knowingly make a mistake can be a good way to create a good game or scene in a LARP.

Try to act realistically on injuries and events. No one walks away unaffected from getting stabbed in the back or give you something you bargained for without you keeping your side of the bargain. Roleplaying old injuries can also add a nice touch to the game. Why not visit a medic or the ER to check on it?

Theatrical/fake blood is good to have, to create nice effects. If you want to create your own use white syrup with red and yellow coloring. It’s cheap, edible and looks surprisingly realistic. If you plan on use fake blood on someone else, remember to always ask for permission! Some players have put a lot of money and effort to their clothes/gear and don’t want to be bloodied.

If you plan a big scene it’s always a good thing to prepare you opponents and co-players OFF to get the best result possible.

Respect people in or close to their tents wearing death rag. Everyone needs to eat and rest from time to time.

The game can’t be realistic all the time. Sometimes you know things that you character doesn’t know. Stay in character, enjoy the game and don’t exploit your off game knowledge.