Chapter 4 - 2020(2)



After a few years with another pandemic, what is now to be called warbands rather than armies clashed once more in the forests around Föne. During 2020 and 2021 a particularly nasty flue hit the world. And even thou it isn't as global as it once was, the flue spread across the land and people fell sick. The lack of modern medical supplies and medicines made the flue much worse than it would have needed to be. The consequence of this was that people move apart and stayed away from each other, and this was as true to the parties waging war upon each other as it was in the civilian settlement.

But as people kept isolated the strain died out and in 2022 people started leaving their homes again. And with the summer born anew - so came the bloodshed.

But as always there was a lot of movement in the area. This year there weren’t that many outsiders visiting the area and meddling in its politics besides the UMF which was active both inside and outside the settlement.

Mr. Jim and his Vipers were mostly seen in the terrain outside the settlement, but their goals were never revealed to the public.

But a new local threat rose in the cult. Who created it? Where did they come from? How can they resist the infection? The questions are many but the answers few.


With the loss of their local HQ as it relocated further south, they had to refer to orders via long range COMs and coordination between the fireteams via short frequency radio. As this meant it was impossible to manage the current field situation the orders were given to hurt the opposition where possible, retake or destroy any resources and extract them from the area as a final blow to the enemy. When achieved it was up to each group to extract from the area as the campaign seemed lost.

But out of the desperate situation came a will to fight. The STF fought like the cornered beast it was and truly managed to bring its troops together in a unified resistance. having had the option to either relocate with their HQ or become parts of the civilian population they all decided to stay and fight on as a unified force. One that now might be looking at leaving its mother task force and become a true faction on its own.

Many resources where captured and extracted during the fighting and very few were lost to the enemy once found and secured. The STF also managed to increase its presence in the area and dominate large areas where they could keep their freedom of movement.

The Bear Tribe

When spring came, The Bears had the upper hand when it came to the resources. Earlier in their campaign versus the STF and other hostile military factions they had managed to gain big amounts whilst maintaining a solid freedom of movement in the area, dominating a big area.

But this dominance was contended by the STF who pushed back hard and managed to stay spread out over a very big area whilst bears focused on key points. The Bears managed to push on, having a solid presence and staying their ground where they decided to keep it.

There were rumors about a sort of truce with the UMF but as orders had a hard time reaching everyone this truce was unreliable at best.

The Bears had got themselves a hidden antagonist in the village as it seemed like they were selling them out and revealing their plans to the enemy.

Trying to help the civilians with this so called "cult" they rounded up all the religious civilians they could and put them to the firing squad. Little did they know that the cult didn’t originate from the local populace. To road to hell is lined with good intentions...

The conclusion

Both factions faced off one last time in the forests in and around Knoxwille. It was what looked like a last stand for one warring party or the other. The STF had the upper hand from this summer’s war-efforts, but The Bears had the advantage of having stockpiled resources since earlier. The STF made a push to capture all the Bears resources, but the Bears managed to defend most of them and stand their ground.

After a long and bloody summer where there likely would have been one clear victor and one looser, there where now two wounded factions instead. Getting ready to battle it out one last time when fighting season hit in 2023.

Many of the Bears resources had already been spent on purchasing contractors for some kind of construction in the area. Thou if the contractors manage to finish the project before 2023 remains to be seen.

Numbers (For those who enjoy statistics)

The Bear tribe managed to secure 328 medical points, 225 fuel points, 332 ammo points for a total of 885 points. They lost a total of 5 DPs. They also secured a number of resource boxes.

The STF managed to secure 273 medical points, 357 fuel points, 488 ammo points for a total of 1118 points. They lost a total of 4 DPs. They managed to secure by far the most resource boxes.

The UMF managed to destroy a number of DPs. They also managed to secretly extract a few resource boxes.

In the final battle the number of defended resource boxes and DPs was a draw between the two factions.

Given the numbers from last game where the Bear tribe had the advantage and this game where it was quite the opposite, next game will be win or loose for the two factions. Whoever gets the most points and resources win.


The UMF established in the area in 2022 and conducted operations across the front with both undercover agents hidden in the civilian population and with armed forces in the field.

Their orders were to see and remain unseen, gather as much information as possible whilst preventing and delaying enemy operations. This with minimal losses to their own troops and the intel they carried.

They managed to secure a few resources and deny them to the enemy, not really needing them themselves as they operate from another area completely.

It is not known why, But the UMF attacked the British embassy in the settlement and claimed it with an American flag. The goal of this operation is still shrouded in mystery as it was unclear what this would achieve. Some speculate it was a show of force about things that might be to come. The embassy was reclaimed shortly afterwards as the civilians helped the embassy staff to recapture it.


The longevity of the infection has been a problem since it first started to spread. But as of late it has been accelerating. More and more infected are showing up and often as hunting packs or groups.

What is to be considered the infected zone has remained in the woods just north of the civilian settlement. Somehow there still seems to be valuables left around the old houses and tents. Laying there for anyone foolish or brave enough to come and claim it as their own. The infected still mainly keep to this area and to themselves. Only hunting those who trespass. But as of late something has changed. They are now much more sentient and are working together as if part of a pack instead as of separate savages.

What is way worse is that a zealous cult has taken residue near the zone, being immune to the infection, or maybe even infected themselves. Little is known about them besides their fanatic worship of the disease and their ability to communicate with the infected.

Like that wasn’t enough there are rumors about sacrificial rituals and people being cut to pieces. Desperate screams mixed with the sound of chainsaws and the howling of the infected.

In cover of the approaching darkness, the cult brought their infected shock troops along with them to the border of the settlement and set them loose to feed on the unprepared settlers. Many were lost to the horde during those raids and the cult earned a reputation to be relentless and inhuman.

But as horrible as those nights were, something tells us this won’t be the last we see or hear from them. It truly looks like humanity has found itself another nemesis.

Survivors in the settlement

The Embassy

It was a hectic year for the Embassy as always. But a big difference this year is that the Embassy's influence grew.

The combined efforts of all the parts of the Embassy under the leadership of the Ambassador a democratic council was established in the Settlement and a colony was declared. Operation Pegasus was a stounding success.

After a democratic election a council of Föne residents led the settlement to prosperity. This was actually the first time an election was carried out and successful. Many attempts have been made, but the elections always got stopped for some reason. But not this time, under British supervision.

After the successful democratic election, the ties between the newly erected Bank and Prison got closer to the Embassy and its staff. From a democratic perspective the Embassy got a lot more influence and power. Their work for a more prosperous Settlement continues. More health care, more stability and better economy for the settlement. Supported by a strong nation abroad as well as the majority of the citicens of Föne, things are looking good for the future. Perhaps the settlement can unite against its enemies and make peace?

Under personal supervision of Lord Charles then work for a vaccine and cure of the infection has made tremendous achievements. Samples of new strains has been sent back to HQ for processing. Medical staff of ER has been working around the clock with the Settlement to eradicate this infection once and for all.

The hardest part from the Embassy's perspective this year was that the UMF focused on them. The Embassy's Royal Marines had a hard time and the Embassy itself was attacked many times over. At one point the American flag was raised over the Embassy, but only for a short period, before brave civilians from the Settlement itself actually managed to retake it. That says a lot about an improved relationship between the civilian population and the Embassy! Long live Föne and long live the Empire!

The radio

From the Radio's perspective, it's impossible not to mention the big elephant in the room, the Cultists, and their ability to control the infected. A very disconcerting development and a question that no one have a good answer to at the moment. A few straggling infected in the area aren't a problem, but that is something completely different. We at the Radio ask ourselves, can we even stay at Föne right now? But at least we know the terrain and where the hide outs are.

We at the Radio are starting to believe that there is some sort of misinformation campaign going on. We have received information from different questionable sources during the year, some of it concerning Dr Van Der Kwast. The problem is, the information we receive, is it old news from the beginning of the apocalypse or in fact current information. Is Dr Van Der Kwast even of interest anymore?

One thing is certain, the development in the settlement haven’t only been for the good. We have seen the rise of many groups trying to profit and abuse the few remaining survivors. Drugs are spreading like wild fire, new currencies are introduced and questionable, egoism is taking hold of the area.

We are though grateful for Bunkerns Mekaniska. They helped the settlement this year a lot by opening some of the remaining untouched bunkers for supplies. But now, we inhabitants of the settlement need to figure out how to create new trade routes to get more resources from other settlements, from far and wide. Hopefully the Election can bring something of value in the future, but we didn't see any noticeable effects right away. But that's common, in our world, we need to let things mature and to develop. It's a shame that time is not something we have an unlimited supply of.

But the Radios clear and loud message is, the Truth must be revealed, for the survival of all of mankind!

"The truth must come out!" - SANNINGEN SKA FRAM!

In 2017, John wanted to be the first reporter on the scene of a zombie attack. He packed a knapsack with food, water and a flashlight and took off down a street in Ljusdal at 3 am. He ran past a burning house and dove through the window of an abandoned train to do his story. This stunt became known as 'The Return of Föne Radio.' It created a media circus that drew more zombies to the area- but it also saved several lives. The rest is history.

Now, in the year 2022, John works for Fönes local radio informing, interviewing and providing information to the citizens of airbase-57.

All interviews from 2022 (mostly in Swedish)


The leader of one of the bigger civilian groups, Blackbeard, who also was owner of the settlements bar and main arranger of the famous fight nights, was killed during this year. Apparently, a group of Orthodox Christians from the east ended up in a conflict with Blackbeard. The group kidnapped and killed Blackbeard in the Church located in the area. In the video evidence of the execution everyone could see that the religious group thought they were ridding the world of an evil man and his business.

Not long after that a stranger arrived at the settlement, Blackbeard’s son. He took over his father’s business, held a beautiful ceremony to his father, with his father’s old crew, that many of the survivors in the area attended. Even a few soldiers from the military units that had gotten to know Blackbeard participated. Blackbeard Jr. proclaimed that he couldn't stand for any evildoings his father had done and wished to work for a better and safer settlement.

Other significant events

A crazed ax murderer killed several residents before being captured by an angry mob. Many people wonder why this kind of madness is becoming more and more common.

Rumors claim that these "phenomena" may occur more and more often in the future. Local authorities are investigating the cause. But no one has an answer. Is this the cause of a new strain of infection? Or is it just in human nature to resort to violence?

One of the bigger civilian groups, "Bolaget", made use of their deeds to the houses they got hold of a few years ago and created a big camp.

People from far and wide visited them to socialize and also helped Bolaget in the squad’s quests for building a better Settlement and fame. They managed to create a few allianses with other survivor groups and even a fragile one with the Embassy. But the most interesting lead they pursued is regarding a certain "Gwen" and the relationship between her, the squad and Dr Van Der Kwast.

Something that can't be forgotten to be mentioned is the heroic run the group’s leader (Janne) did, risking his own life, to stab the Cults leader with a virus antidote. He managed to inject the antidote, but it didn't have any effect and many new questions arose regarding the Cult. Are they actually alive, living normal persons and not undead? Or are they something in between?

Bunkerns mekaniska, a group of engineers, that live in the Settlement did a heroic effort this year. Beside their normal activities and helping people with their technical issues they also managed to open the few remaining untouched bunkers in the area. This helped the entire civilian population with badly needed resources and some information about what happened in the past regarding Dr Van Der Kwast.

In one of the bunkers there even was a cruise missile, but it quickly disappeared for some time before showing up at the Embassy. That missile, in the hands of the Ambassador, might give the Embassy even more muscle behind the nice words if used correctly. It's no understatement that not everyone was happy about it though.