THE Bear Tribe [TBT]

Short description:

A former NATO-force stationed in the area was left to their own demise when the catastrophe hit.

TBT managed to secure a stable foothold in the area by securing the FOB and thereby eradicating the last STF forces and the area, actively vanquishing the faction for good.

TBT now faces a new challenge in maintaining their newfound position as king of the hill. Keeping freedom of movement and managing their resources by keeping the logistical chain alive under the new threat of raiding parties from the other factions.


Mechanized units. Transports. Defensive tactics. Keeping freedom of movement. Area control.


Found in the storyline.


A player may never carry more than one choice of:

A player may also carry the following on top of the choice above:

No ammo-trade with other factions is allowed!
Read the game rules for chrono and other weapon related demands.