THE Bandits 

Short description:

In a world where lawlessness and disorder reign, theese people are a relentless bandit crew, notorious for making life miserable for ordinary folks. These cunning and cutthroat outlaws thrive on chaos, exploiting every opportunity to sow fear and insecurity among the innocent. The roumors are spreading about gruesome acts of violence and mutilation. Their brutallity seem to have no boundaries and no one is safe as they are the scourge of the land, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake. What is their aim and purpose? That is yet to be discovered. 

Unshackled by Rules, Unbound by Conscience."


Might is righty. Human sacrifice. Cannibalism. Plunder. Pillage. Take what you can. Hit-and-run.


New faction for the 2024 event.


No ammo-trade with MILSIM factions is allowed!
Read the game rules for chrono and other weapon related demands.