Short description:

Controlled by a ruthless and charismatic leader, this is a violent group of insurgents dedicated to total control of the region. 

Legion consists of old soldiers from the region mixed with roaming mad men and criminals desiring power where they can find it. They show no quarter to those who oppose them but gladly accepts new recruits of like-minded individuals.

Little else is known about them other than that they came stalking the forests from up north and now have set up base somewhere in the area.

“My name is Legion, for we are many.”


Light infantry units. Raiding operations. Offensive guerilla tactics. Denying enemy freedom of movement. Behind enemy line operations.


New faction for the 2024 event.


A player may never carry more than one choice of:

A player may also carry the following on top of the choice above:

No ammo-trade with other factions is allowed!
Read the game rules for chrono and other weapon related demands.