the infected zone

The Infected Zone

"Bloody prints disappear in the mossy ground, plants wither, bags and suitcases are spread in the forest and in the distance you can hear a weak cry for help..."

What would you do to survive?

Humans arrived in hordes to the airfield. A relatively large amount of them were able to cross the river and reach the safety of the village. A larger amount, however, never made it. They vanished between the river and the airfield for unknown reasons. Many have speculated about what actually happened, but few know the direct underlying cause. The people living in the village have chosen to call the area where everyone disappeared "the infected zone". While some of it is contaminated, the bigger issue was the amount of plagued roaming the area. 

Off-game info:

In the infected zone the Infected will have their base/camp. There will be tents that will be completely off-game. Off-game tents will be clearly marked with death rags outside the tents.

This area is intended as a "questing-area" for valuables. Total chaos will rule. The risk of being threatened, robbed or murdered will be significantly higher. Infected may be highly aggressive to anyone entering the area. Fights will also be much more common.

Items (loot) placed in the area is intended for LARP players. There may, however, exist unique items or objectives for other groups. This will be clearly marked on the item itself.

In the zone the infected population will be much more concentrated, making them both more dangerous and aggressive.