Update 2021-03-13

News update

Dear Players,

A few weeks ago The Public Health Agency of Sweden informed the country that the current regulations and restrictions to combat Covid-19 would at the earliest be lifted by the time of the Swedish midsummer (late June). This was effectively the death sentence for a game in May 2021.

Since then we have looked at our options, talked to a lot of players to get their view and have had long discussions about what to do and really tried to figure out the best way forward.

We know that there are many players that want a game during the fall, but unfortunately it’s not viable. And even if we would gamble on a date in August (before the hunting season), it doesn’t look promising. Also to make sure our international players will have a chance to join the game as planned we have to take travel restrictions in consideration as well.

It is with great sadness that we have to inform you that the game has to be postponed until May 2022.

We are well aware of what damage a long delay between games does to memory of the story and all the hard work all you players have put into the game. We feel and share your frustrations about the situation, believe us, we do not like this.

The ticket transfer system that is online on our homepage will stay up until further notice, so that you can sell or give away your ticket if you can’t participate (or don’t want to) in May 2022.


The entire Inferno Games Crew

Update 2021-01-04

january update

Here comes a little status update with our intentions for the coming year/game.

As we just have entered 2021 the future looks a bit brighter with the vaccines starting to be distributed in most countries around Europe. But where this puts us at the middle of May is very hard to say. We hope that the restrictions are lifted by then and we are allowed to host the game. We also hope the restrictions for flights and travel has been lifted as well as this effects a lot of our players. But that being said our intention is still to host the game in May as long as we are legally allowed to do so.

If the situation hasn't changed in the beginning/mid of April, we won't be able to host the event in May. We are then forced to postpone the game further until we are allowed to host it. This is not optimal but sadly it’s not up to us to decide. The matter is simply not in our hands so we will have to work with what we have.

So with the start of the New Year we hope for a safer and brighter future for us all and for the hobby as well.

Love love love

Inferno Games crew

4/1 -2021

Update 2020-10-17

October update

The world is unfortunately still in the grip of Covid-19 but our intention is to host the event in 2021 as long as we are allowed by the government. Our webpage has been updated with new dates accordingly in Event info.

We've also added a new system for ticket transfers. Since all tickets are personal any ticket transfers have to go through the system to be valid. Our recommendation is to only deal with people you trust if you plan to buy or sell a ticket.

Make sure you follow the instructions if you use the ticket transfer system and keep an eye out on your e-mail account (and spam folder since sometimes e-mails from us end up there).

Inferno Games has no part in any monetary transfers and does not charge players for the transfer service.

Grenade and pyro

We've also decided to remove the approved grenades and pyro lists due to MSB's latest rules regarding pyrotechnics. This means that everything legal according to them will be allowed on our event (e.g. no more pyro grenades, certain smoke grenades are still ok).

Remember to stay safe and use ear protection!

Update 2020-05-01

News update

Dear players.

Time has come to make a decision on what to do with Inferno 2020. As most of you know the regulations on public gatherings still are in effect and it is rather obvious by now that the regulations won't ease until the planned game dates. We’ve also been contacted by the Police who informed us that this is still the case and as such nothing has changed since our last message.

It is with heavy hearts we are forced to make the decision to postpone the event “Inferno 2020 - Evolution” to 2021 instead. The new game date will be 13/5-15/5 2021.

This truly feels like a heavy blow to everyone. To our players, to the industry as a whole and to us as organizers. But to put it in rather military terms “It is what it is”

So in 2021 we will have the planned event, with the same story and teams. Sadly we will have to wait for a year in hopes that the pandemic has ceased by then and all players, local and international, have the option to participate as planned. So everything is still the same, just not the time of the event. Not canceled, but postponed.

Life changes over time and no one can say what our situation will look like in a year. Because of this we will open up the possibility to resell your tickets in a controlled manner. In other words lift the regulations on “no ticket transfer”. Information about how and when this will be possible will be sent by email to our ticket holders and posted on the Inferno Games webpage. We don’t have all the details about this at this time, but we will keep you informed.

Inferno Games Crew

1/5 -2020

Update 2020-03-30

News update

Dear players.

As not all of you are from Sweden, this is the situation right now: Since 29/3 - 2020 the Swedish government banned all gatherings of 50 people or more. Meaning we are not allowed to host the game with almost 500 participants as long as this regulation is in place. When this will be lifted no one knows and we can only hope for the best.

We have asked for your opinions and you have answered, And the answers were as follows; a vast majority of you (~65%) want us to stay frosty and see if the current situation changes as we get closer to the event date. And this is what we will do, we will wait until the first week of May and see if the situation changes and the regulation of max 50 people is lifted. If so we will host the event as planned. If not, we will postpone the event to 2021 as in line with our terms and conditions accepted by all participants when you bought a ticket. To make it painfully clear, we are not canceling the event as per force majeure.

This pandemic deeply impacts us all, making life much more difficult in many aspects. You want your game and so do we. We have looked at the options we have and as of now we found that the fairest thing we can do for everyone is to have the game as planned in May 2020 or postpone it to May 2021.

As this game requires everyone to be participating at a high degree in order for it to be the fun it is supposed to be. From both crew, players and the venue. Sadly this won’t be possible during this fall either because of a number of different reasons out of our control. So the best we can do is simply postpone the event to 2021 if necessary.

We understand some of you might not want to go next year, or possibly are not able to if we are forced to postpone the event and we have full understanding of this. For you as a paid player it means that you will keep your ticket until next year and no further fees will be charged upon you. Also due to this we will open up for a controlled resale of tickets on our webpage if necessary. Meaning you can sell your ticket to someone else if you no longer can or wish to go. This will then be done at a later date and will be posted on our website, social media and via email to all players who hold a ticket.

As an organizer this is the among the worst things that could happen and we are sad to be in a situation where we will likely have to make decisions which will make the players disappointed. But we try as hard as we can to make the most out of it.

The option to simply return all money and simply walk away from this year's event is as most of you understand not an option at this time. It's less than two months to the event and almost all money is invested in material, props, the venue and a number of other things. Meaning a “return all money” would result in you getting a minimum share of what you paid in return (since ticket holders are the last to get their cash after banks, companies etc) and Inferno Games would have to close down due to bankruptcy. Thereby we yet again found the solutions above most fair as it is the closest thing to what everyone wanted.

We hope you can understand the sadness and frustration on our behalf as hundreds of hours of work are poured into this project over the course of the year and we want nothing else but to have this one week of pure magic we feel this game is together with you.

To sum up the information above Inferno Games have decided (with ~65% of players agreeing) to stay frosty and see if the current situation changes for the better. If not, the game will be postponed to May next year 2021 and those who have a paid ticket will keep their tickets to next year. There will be a controlled resale of tickets for those of you that can’t participate in 2021.

We sincerely hope that we, Inferno Games together with our most valued asset, you players, can keep this together in hard times as these so that we can have another magical game, may it be 2020 or 2021.

Inferno Games Crew

30/3 -2020

Update 2020-03-27

News update

Today the Swedish government changed the restricitions for public gatherings from 500 to 50. This means that we have to make a decision about Inferno Games event 2020. It’s a hard decision, so we want to get your opinion on what to do in this very unusal time.

During Saturday we will start to send out a questionnaire to those who have a paid ticket for the 2020 event by e-mail (to the e-mail adress registered to the ticket). This questionnaire will be open until Monday evening and after that we will make a decision.

It is of uttermost importance that we get as much input as possible. Make sure to keep an eye on your e-mail and possibly spam-folder. Spread the news to those you know that have a ticket so we can get as much input as possible!

Regards Inferno Games Organizers and Crew

Update 2020-03-25

News update (in game)

A large amount of survivors started to dissapear from the settlement during the long winter nights and as the panic started to spread amongst people, worrisome signs pointing towards the former Bar owners appeared. One perticular cold morning, as the first thirsty guest arrived, they found the Bar empty. What they found in the kitchen was a shock. They found way more butchering equipment than what could be expected in a small town bar, even some big chunks of meat that didn't look like it came from the local wild life. Roumors started to spread about the former bar owners being cannibals, and that they left the settlement to join the Cult.

Now Blackbeard saw a huge business opportunity and expanded. They now own and run Föne's new Bar!

Update 2020-03-11

Ticket SAle = closed

As of now we have chosen to close the ticket booking due to the fact that the Swedish government has set a limit on how big public gatherings are allowed to be because to Covid-19. This way we make sure to stay within the allowed limit.

Beside that we want you to know that we are working according to plan to host the event i May.

Stay safe and don't forget to wash your hands!

Update 2020-03-02

FIRE wood and barrels

Fönebasen and Magnus Roadkill Restaurant will also sell fire wood and barrels for those in need for the event 2020. You can read more about what will be available at the event area under Event info.

Update 2020-02-10


Our friend at WestnyGames interviewed one of the organizers, Nicklas, in his latest podcast. You can find it on Spotify (@WestnyGames). Unfortunately for our international players the interview is held in swedish.

Update 2020-01-17


Good morning survivors!

As sales progress we are quickly running out of tickets. Many teams are full already and some teams have been adjusted a couple of times to house more players. Don't forget to pay for your ticket in case you wish to participate in the game! Pressure is very high this year and gambling "hoping to juggle your own ticket" when it's removed for not paying on time is very much of a chance taking.

So if you want to play it safe - pay for your booked ticket.

Fully booked teams:

  • Embassy Staff

  • Embassy ER

  • Locals

  • Unknown military force

  • The rest have between ~5 and ~30 remaining tickets as we have increased most teams this year as the amount of participants has risen over the years.

Remember, fully booked means you can't book a ticket right now. But as some players don't pay for their tickets in time they are added to the pool of available tickets again. Next time we will do a PURGE of unpaid tickets will be on Monday.

Update 2020-01-11

Ticket sale

It's now open! Head over to booking to get your own ticket!

Update 2019-12-19


The ticket sales will start at 21:00 CET on the 11th of January 2020.

Update 2019-10-09


The new page is up. Layout has been changed slightly and rules/teams/story has been updated.

The game rules have been altered so read up on the changes since a few things are drastic.

Prepare for 2020 - Evolution! (E.G. Go buy a rain poncho because... Rain.)

Update 2019-06-10

Inferno GAmes 2019 - Movie

Did you have a good time? Did you survive or do you eat people? Well … this is the movie from the event. Enjoy!