INFO and weather update

Times for the safety briefing for MILSIM players have been updated. See the event info tab.

In a sad development LEGION will be running without a HQ this year as sickness struck with the worst imaginable timing. This is being worked on. A solution is in place. LEGION players will be briefed on the situation at the security and mission briefing tomorrow (9/5) at 14:00 in their base.

Us: Bring clothes according to the weather.

The weather:

Slow Virus

Misery strikes hard against the civilian settlement in Föne!

A Clavaviridae virus has infected all civilians living in Föne. We believe that the water has become contaminated. The virus isn't dangerous, but it affects people's endurance*. Fortunately, there is a vaccine available at the ER. However, there are limited doses until we find more. Rumors suggest that several transports mysteriously disappeared in the forests around Föne, transporting the vaccine.

We call the virus the “slow virus" because it makes people sluggish. The danger is that we cannot run away from the infected.

It's important that we provide all civilians with the vaccine as soon as possible!

*Off-game: Players cannot run until they have received a vaccine against the "slow virus".

Update 2024-03-27

Shrine points

For locals, there will be a competition between allegiances for so-called "shrine points". These are cards that one should collect for their faction. These will ultimately be tallied up and will affect the storyline of the game.

Points can be obtained as follows:

Where can one deposit their "shrine points"?


Inferno Games Crew

Update 2024-03-27


The MILSIM specific rules are now added to the rules page. These rules include som MILSIM specific and mission related information such as the MILSIM resources, The domination point system, the mission box as well as repetition or clarifications or the normal game rules.

Playing in a MILSIM faction? READ THESE. Or you will miss out on the fun since you don't know "What the fuck to do" and receive a negative 50 DKP. (Those who get it, get it)

Read the new rules here.

Regards Crew

Update 2024-03-26

The "Cure"

An addition to the rules has been added and it is because the existence of a experimental cure against the Infection in game on this years event.

You can find the rule set under the Rules tab. Read them because it is important to know if you hope to get cured or cure a infected friend who have turned. This is in other words not more rules for the "antidote" that you can take to prevent turning into an Infected. This is rules regarding a cure for someone who has already turned into an Infected.

Read the rules here.

Regards Crew

Update 2024-03-25

The 25th (payday!)

A reminder, the ticket booking will close on the 31st of March. So get your ticket while the booking is still up.


Inferno Games Crew

Update 2024-03-11

Final call for tickets, new legion uniform

Just a friendly reminder that ticket sales for the upcoming event will be closing on March 31st. Don't miss out on your chance to join the action-packed adventure! Grab your tickets before it's too late and prepare to immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience.

In other news, the warlord has spoken! A new decree has been issued regarding uniform regulations. Effective immediately, members of the LEGION [LEG] faction are now permitted to wear Ranger Green (RG) or Olive Drab (OD) uniforms together with the ones already stated on the faction page. This will be giving the Guerilla a more, guerilla-ish look. #Fancy


Inferno Games Crew

Update 2024-01-21

Unpayed booking?

If you havn't payed your booked ticket for some reason, you won't be able to book a new ticket via the booking system. This is due to the fact that the system prevents people booking several tickets to one or more factions as it is only allowed to have one ticket per person as stated in the General Terms And Conditions.

This means that if you didn't pay your booking you will have to contact Crew on our Facebook profile or on the contact email. Then we will check if there still is a ticket available to the faction you booked in the original booking. If there is, we will reactivate your booking and you will have to pay your booking right away. If there isn't a ticket available to the faction because the faction has been fully booked after you missed your due date we will not be able to help you.

The easiest way to prevent this scenario is to read the invoice that was sent to you.


Inferno Games Crew

Update 2024-01-11

There is NO way we can fuck this u… Oh! Right…

As the ticket system went live, a minor error snuck along in one of those tweaks which we in Sweden usually call a case of “Jag ska bara…”

If you booked a Survivor ticket you were supposed to get a choice where you would pick your allegiance, as this picks which area in the settlement where you should live/put up your tents.

But since we managed to screw that up, we added a handy map to illustrate where the different allegiances will reside.

We will try to send out a form to get a general lay of the land when it comes to what you have chosen.

With that said and done. How fares the bookings? All in all we have 70% of all tickets booked. Down below is a table with approx. how many % of the total tickets remain for factions where tickets are available:

• Locals – 28% Left

• Bandits – 95% Left

• The Embassy – 47% Left

• ER – 60% Left

• Infected – 66% Left

• MIL: Legion – 65% Left

• MIL: The Bear tribe – FULL

Rest of the factions are invite only and are handled by their HQ.

Update 2024-01-09

Ticket release

You can now grab your tickets here!

Get one while they last.

Regards Crew

Update 2024-01-09

Final notes before release

Hello survivors! The ticket release for the 2024 event is just hours away! (At 20:00CET)

We have a few last-minute news of what you can expect:

XoXo Crew

Update 2023-12-07


We forgot some small details in the rules. Therefore they are now updated again and the rules 4.15 is live!

In short, we've added rules for juggernaut and special rules for Voice of the Infected (the group previously known as "The Cult"). If you want to read all the details you can find the rules here.

Regards Crew

Update 2023-12-04

IT's the most wonderfull time of the year

Before we tell you anything else, the ticket release for the 2024 event will be on the 9th of january (2024) at 20:00CET.

The homepage has been updated with more information regarding the coming event in May 2024. Some important things to note:

Beside that we urge you to read Chapter 5 in the storyline to keep updated with the development in the lore of our fictious world. You can read it here.

If you are planning to join the event in May 2024 but have no idea what to do as a local, here's a list with suggestions. But anything that improves the larp experience for everyone is encouraged.