Chapter 5 - 2023


The desperate skirmish that occurred during the summer of 2023 was bound to have only one winner. With the establishment of a fortified FOB in the area it was clear that the faction with control of the FOB and more resources would be able to remain in the area whilst the other would have to leave or surrender. As it was all over, both sides claimed a lot of resources but at a cost of heavy losses. 

At the end of the day The bear tribe managed to remain in control of the FOB most of the time, and whilst they didn't manage to solve as many of their CENTCOM missions as their counterpart the STF, they still managed to secure more resources and have a higher presence in the area together with completing most of their over-all goals for this operation.

After a bitter conflict that has lasted for years, it was finally time for the STF to surrender to the enemy and leave the area. Some were killed in a final defiant resistance whilst others left the area, swearing never to return.

This lead to a short lived peace in the area as there was somewhat of a power vacuum, but conflict is never far and a new storm is rumored to be on the horizon as bandits flock around the old battlefields... searching for weapons and explosives. To what end, remains unclear. But a terrifying rumor is circulating from the settlements up north about a local warlord who unites all bandits under his rule.

Team DPs Resources Missions

STF: 1725 1200 800

BEARS: 1811 1400 533

Sabotaged: 390

A total of 8620 points was available with some being unclaimed.

BEARS: 3744pts (43.43 %)

STF: 3725pts (43.21 %)

Total MILSIM claimed 86.64 %

Sabotaged or unclaimed 13.36 %

Scandinavian Task Force [STF]

A strong start
Scandinavian Task Force (STF) initiated with a strong start. The initial phase of the operation was marked by a commendable performance in resource-gathering and establishing a dominant presence in the designated area. The task force displayed coordination and resource management skills, ensuring the availability of essential supplies and equipment throughout the mission.

They also engaged in intense combat with the UMF at the FOB and successfully claimed it following the withdrawal of the UMF, but later lost it to TBT.

Loss of Momentum
While STF started the operation on a high note, there was a noticeable loss of momentum during the later phases. This decline in momentum is attributed to factors such as enemy counterattacks, logistical challenges, and exhaustion among our personnel. 

Despite this setback, STF continued to adapt and fight on until the end.

Reconnaissance and Intel Gathering
Throughout the operation, STF maintained a high standard of reconnaissance and intelligence gathering. This enabled them to stay informed about enemy movements, supply lines, and potential threats.

The effective utilization of gathered intelligence contributed significantly to their early success.

One of the achievements of the operation was the successful evasion of the infected cult. STFs vigilance allowed them to navigate the region without encountering the cult nor much of the infected who roam the area.

CENTCOM Mission Success
All CENTCOM missions assigned to STF were executed with precision and success. These missions included critical tasks such as scouting supply routes and conducting reconnaissance deep in enemy territory. STF successfully managed to sabotage one of the insurgent fire bases containing the artillery that was used to randomly attack the FOB.
STF's ability to achieve success in CENTCOM-assigned missions further helped to secure the factions victory conditions.

Regrettably, the operation must be characterized as a failure despite the partial attainment of mission parameters. Although there were moments of success, the operation ultimately fell short of its overarching objectives, leaving the STF exposed and as such - in an overall retreat. Leaving the area for good.

The Bear Tribe [TBT]

A rush on the FOB
With improved weather conditions, the Bear Tribe swiftly mobilized their forces to secure the Forward Operating Base (FOB), which civilian contractors were in the final process of completing. But their advance towards the FOB was met with unexpected resistance as it had already fallen under military control, resulting in initial combat engagement with was believed to be the STF. However, this confusion stemmed from the fog of war, as it was revealed that the UMF had already established a perimeter around the FOB, aiming to prevent or delay any potential claims to it.

During the ongoing battle, the UMF was faced an ammunition shortage, prompting their strategic withdrawal from the FOB.

The UMF still considered their mission accomplished, having successfully diverted significant combat resources to secure the location. However, during their withdrawal, the FOB came under artillery fire from an unidentified source.

Subsequently, the STF briefly captured the FOB, but control shifted to TBT for the majority of the operation, claiming this as one of their victory conditions.

Positive ID on UMF (TFB)
After efforts to gather and analyze clues and information, the previously unidentified actor known as the UMF was successfully identified as "Task Force Black (TFB)." Although their specific objectives within the region remain undisclosed, it has become evident that the American forces have a pronounced interest in this particular area.

The successful identification of TFB ultimately culminated in the capture of their political leader and spokesperson, who underwent interrogation after being administered a truth serum. Despite maintaining a professional and polite demeanor, the spokesperson divulged valuable sensitive information. This critical exchange also facilitated the recognition of the TFB commander operating within the region, marking a significant achievement toward fulfilling TBTs victory conditions.

British friends
Over time, TBT established a cooperative relationship with the embassy, actively assisting them in managing dissident elements within the settlement as a way to prove their good will. The embassy also displayed a keen interest in the intelligence TBT had gathered regarding Task Force Black (TFB).

Its a sabotage!...
STF executed a successful raid on TBT's headquarters, although the TBT commanders were notably absent at that moment. Nevertheless, the STF successfully obtained access to TBT's operational orders and other valuable intelligence located within the headquarters. As the STF withdrew, they sabotaged the HQ using explosives, resulting in damage and disruptions that impeded TBT's operational activity.

CENTCOM missions
TBT successfully managed to sabotage one of the insurgent fire bases containing the artillery that was used to randomly attack the FOB.
They also managed to conduct vehicular recon on the outskirts of the surrounding areas, securing some resources in the process.
Being tied up with the conflict in the area, TBT missed out on one mission as there was no personnel to spare.

The Bear Tribe managed to adapt to the situation and used it to their advantage, remaining in good spirits even when faced with hardships. Their team spirit and stubborn will to succeed made them come out on top.

Task Force Black [UMF]

Operational Activities
UMF undertook covert operations with the goal of exerting influence over the other factions of the area to achieve their mission objectives. They found themselves in direct confrontations with the STF, and the confrontations were intense.
UMF also maintained a cautious distance from TBT, opting for combat engagements only as a response to provocation.

Interactions with the Cult
UMF proactively initiated measures to identify members of the cult and cultivate a non-hostile relationship with them. Speculation arose regarding the capture of a significant cult member during a nighttime raid by UMF operators; however, the veracity of this claim and any specifics regarding the purported "discussions" with the cult remained undisclosed to the public.

Diplomatic relations
UMF formalized diplomatic relations with the Embassy through thorough discussions and negotiations. Additionally, UMF extended support to the Embassy, reciprocally obtaining valuable information and enhanced access. On a specific occasion, UMF operators lent their assistance to the Embassy in safeguarding its compound, leveraging their superior firepower and advanced technology, including heat and night vision capabilities. The Embassy expressed deep appreciation for this aid, solidifying and deepening the alliance between the two factions.

Securing Artillery
In the initial phases of the conflict, UMF faced artillery fire while defending their Forward Operating Base (FOB) against both the Bear tribe and the STF. Subsequently, UMF identified a group of bandits as the source of this artillery threat and initiated a mission to secure the weapon for their own use. This mission proved successful, with UMF successfully seizing and retaining control of the artillery piece for the remainder of the operation.

Relations with The Bear Tribe
Rumors arose in the area of an alliance between the UMF and TBT. This proved to be somewhat true. UMF initiated early communication with TBT, although this alliance ultimately proved to be a deception tactic. There never was a genuine alliance between UMF and TBT. In a strategic move, UMF orchestrated the destruction of the entire TBT HQ just before the conclusion of the operation as the TBT forces where tied up in the conflict over the FOB with the STF.

In summary, UMF conducted a range of covert operations, established diplomatic relations with the Embassy, secured valuable information, and strategically engaged with other factions to achieve their mission objectives. Their ability to adapt to changing circumstances and secure vital assets, such as the artillery piece, showcases their effectiveness as a military force.

A wolf in our midst

The infection continues to spread, albeit with less frequent attacks on the village from the infected horde. There have been instances when it appears as if something was restraining their assaults. As if there now is a pattern or over-all plan to the actions of the horde. This sign of intelligent behavior is way more threatening than the sheer numbers the horde presents in itself and would require the investigation of brave, or foolish adventurers.

These couple of months the Cult have kept to the shadows.
Groups of people have witnessed even some form of social contact with them. But still, screams from deep inside the forest have been heard over the area. People from the village has gone missing while out scavenging for resources, Piles of mutilated body parts have been found with strange markings carved in to them, making it hard to identify the persons who have met this horrific fate, even stranger is that hardly no blood pooling has been found at these sites, almost like the bodies were drained. Is this the work of the Cult, or is something even more sinister in the works. 

Rumors are circulating about certain individuals who have been reportedly administering a mysterious substance to unconscious individuals. Curiously, those who have been injected have not exhibited any adverse effects, and health authorities have failed to identify any harmful elements in their systems. The motives behind these actions remain shrouded in mystery, prompting authorities to urge caution and vigilance among the public, advising against blind trust in unfamiliar individuals.

The Zone remains the areas most hazardous region, primarily due to its rich resource density that has yet to be fully exploited. People continue to discover high-value items, and rumors persist that even more valuable treasures remain concealed within this area

However, embarking into this zone invariably exacts a toll, and at times, that price can be exceedingly steep. 

"And so the cycle of loot continues, the zone gives, the zone takes"

As night descended, an eerie horde of the undead materialized seemingly from thin air. They advanced relentlessly, breaching the feeble defenses erected by the terrified civilians and heading directly for the embassy. Relentless waves of these ghastly creatures continued to surge forth, mercilessly rending the hapless defenders asunder.

A cacophony of screams and shrill wails reverberated through the vicinity, a macabre symphony of agony as the onslaught persisted. Panic-stricken individuals attempted to escape what had once been their sanctuary, now a nightmarish snare, only to be ruthlessly pursued and hunted down, one after another.

Eyewitnesses recounted the chilling presence of an unnaturally swift, disfigured zombie, garbed in tattered "scrubs." This abomination, with its grotesque visage, left nothing but death and desolation in its wake, cutting down all who dared cross its path.

This harrowing day marked a somber and tragic chapter in the lives of the people, as the horde emerged victorious, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake

Survivors in the settlement

The Embassy

In May, 2023, the final phase of Operation Pegasus began. Initially there was a great lack of supplies for the Embassy and the Settlement, but the final stage in the incorporation of Föne into the British Empire was made with satisfactory results. Ambassador Lord Charles was appointed Governor of the colony of Föne by a representative of the Queen. Under his command, he then brought the colony into a new age.

Unfortunately, representatives for the council were missing from last year's election. Tries were made to restore the council, but no final solution could be found due to the lack of elected survivors.

During the evening of May 20, 2023, Lord Charles was lost during a storming of the settlement in an attempt to retake it from the Horde. No body has been found and it is of the utmost importance that Lord Charles be found, dead or alive. 

Intrigues at the Embassy, Dr. Corewin tried to outplay Lord Charles in a power play, resulting in the Ambassador taking command of E.R. during the summer and is now running the E.R. There are also rumors circulating in the settlement that MI6 is no longer entirely happy with Lord Charles, but Lord Charles has strongly denied this before dissapearing, saying that all personnel under the Crown are loyal and working together towards a common goal.

E.R. in collaboration with Dr. Möller and Harald Kypare from MRSB developed a prototype medicine with which they succeeded in "reviving" an infected person. This contributed in some mysterious way to the other infected becoming possessed and seeming to search for the cured individual. Unfortunately, this led to several deaths in the settlement when the infected arrived in large numbers. E.R. also spent time and resources investigating why water sources had become bad. Is it sabotage or some natural phenomenon? Embassy staff and E.R. participated in the cleanup of the area and assisted in the collection of hazardous materials as part of this effort.

E.R. also managed to come across vital information about the origin of the virus, that it can possibly be derived from a vaccine where tests were done on humans at a too early stage. However, it is certain that the virus is man-made and not natural. Work to further investigate this is ongoing, any support the Embassy, Dr Möller and E.R can get from the population in the settlement will be of value in the future.

During the year, MI6 carried out a successful survey of the groups and individuals in the area to find potential threats before too much unrest flares up. 

Although there were two major incidents at the embassy compound involving unrest from people in the village, this contributed to MI6's successful mapping. Work to create better relations with the civilian population is ongoing and is being developed. MI6 and the Embassy's work for a calmer existence for everyone in Föne is of central importance for the Embassy.

Otherwise, relations with Blackbeard Jr. and his group were better than in previous years under the command of Blackbeard Sr., A successful collaboration he began to develop before Blackbeard Jr. was unfortunately murdered.

The Radio and Chiemsee Industries

As usual the Radio at the Settlement broadcasted news about everything that happened in and around the civilian camps to everyone's delight. It's ever so helpful that they spread news about the latest development of things. Calls for help, news, warnings and the odd advertisment.

They held courses in how to become a good mechanic and suddenly there was a great influx of mechanics which help alot with big and small problems!

Together with the Embassy and Blackbeard they also contributed alot to gather resources to the Settlement like food and ammo that were in extremely short supply. They ventured far to procure resources from very shady people, paying them with hard earned money that was donated by the brave and good people of Föne.

Their staff also took part in a raid together with the religious group that previously had a Church in to the camp of the Cult and desecrated their altar in their effort to stave of the threat from the Cult.

Chiemsee Industries also managed to produce quite a few "bite kits" that saved poor souls from eternal damnation as Infected. Hopefully they will manage to get more resources during the coming year to benefit more survivors in the future.

All interviews and commercials played on the radio are available here.


Under the leadership of Blackbeard Jr., who assumed control of his father's establishment, a noticeable shift in approach occurred. Departing from his father's more aggressive stance, Blackbeard Jr. adopted a decidedly more civilized and less confrontational demeanor, though the contrast wasn't dramatic.

The group under his leadership prioritized the transformation of the Bar into a secure refuge, catering to the needs of the survivors in the settlement. They extended their support by actively participating in crucial missions to procure essential supplies and ammunition for the community's civilians. Furthermore, their contributions in retrieving toxic waste, which posed a significant threat to everyone's well-being, should not be overlooked. The Bar and its crew emerged as an integral force in safeguarding and sustaining the settlement amidst the chaos of the apocalypse.

Regrettably, the fate of Blackbeard Jr. mirrored that of his father, trapped in a cycle that the forces within the settlement couldn't seem to break.

A cloud of uncertainty hung over the circumstances surrounding his demise. Some argued that he bore the burden of his father's transgressions, while others contended that there was little to distinguish between their actions, ultimately leading to Blackbeard Jr.'s tragic end, gunned down by an unknown assailant. In the wake of this upheaval, the settlement found itself in a state of disarray, struggling to identify the new leader of the once-powerful group, with whispers suggesting a mysterious figure named Guy Incognito might have stepped into the void left behind.


During the spring and summer of 2023 alot of new information came to light about this group of Survivors. Bolaget is a corporation with operatives that have gather power and influence in the Settlement but caught the attention of greater powers after one of their operatives dissapeared. The military groups put preasure on them and the group suffered some prestige loss in the eyes of others. Are they still as powerful as before, is there some kind of leader of the group or are they just another group of individuals that pull towards different objectives?

Bolaget got hold of the former infected person called "Ivar" and collaboration with Dr Möller start their investigation and put enormously amounts of effort into this. They do everything they can to keep Ivar safe, move him between safe locations with the help from other survivors, Blackbeard and the Embassy for as long as they can until they had to resort to hide in the Safe house in the end. They stayed there as long as they could until they had to break out and fight their way out of the settlement. They were last seen leaving the settlement with personnel from the Embassy protecting Ivar. One eye witness that has some insight in Bolaget guess they are moving to a secure location somewhere else. If they manage to get there...

Other significant events

The Safe house that was developed was a great addition to the Settlement. The down side was that there was never enough fuel to power the device. Some people called it a death trap as people at a few times took shelter there but the fuel ran out before the Infected moved on and therefore tragically lost their lives. Others loved it as it saved them from walking the earth as infected. There are rumors that Chiemsee Industries has started to work on a mobile device or some kind of upgrade of the Safe house system, but who knows these days. There's a lot of false information circulating. 

During the spring and summer a few willing survivors contributed with money donations to the Embassy and the Radio so that they could pay for much needed supplies to the settlement. Without these donations amunition and food would run out and cause terrible problems for the settlement that would most likely cause the death of many and starvation for the population. This will be even more vital in the future since these kind of goods are running short everywhere in former Kingdom of Sweden. Who knows what else that will be hard to get hold of in the future. The civilian survivors of Föne needs to start working together more for the common good if they want to survive and to preserve the settlement in Föne.

In a surprising turn of events, further infrastructure has developed since 2022. The company known as "Postmord" boldly set up shop in the settlement of Föne, offering a crucial lifeline by facilitating the delivery of letters and essential supplies among the community's residents. Their remarkable dedication earned them widespread admiration, as they fearlessly navigated through perilous terrain, confronting danger head-on to ensure the safe arrival of their cargo. Numerous witnesses marveled at the sight of Postmord employees calmly and confidently evading swarms of infected, a testament to their unwavering commitment. It became evident that the settlement desperately needed more individuals with the same level of courage and resilience to bolster its chances of survival in this unforgiving world.

Beyond the expansion of infrastructure, the settlement experienced a blossoming of its social scene. "Två bullar i ugnen," a charming new cafe, graced the streets of Föne, bringing a surge of delight to its residents. This quaint establishment became a gathering spot for local celebrities and influential figures, offering a serene haven for engaging conversations and light refreshments, in stark contrast to the rowdy atmosphere of the Bar. It was evident that the demand for a more tranquil place to socialize had been met, ushering in a sense of camaraderie and sophistication within the community.

The once somewhat stable settlement descended into chaos when covert agents, infiltrating its ranks, skillfully manipulated the population's to incite a riot against their embassy rulers. Fueled by planted rumors and inflammatory propaganda, the desperate inhabitants, already weary from the constant threat of the undead, erupted into a frenzy of anger and rebellion. The chaos that ensued not only fractured the settlement's social fabric but also diverted essential resources and manpower away from defense against the ever-present zombie menace, plunging the community into a state of vulnerability and internal strife.

The survivors of the settlement found themselves on the brink of desperation as their resources dwindled and their existing power sources faltered, which was needed to power up the sanctuary from the infected. The settlers realized that their only hope for survival lay in uniting as one cohesive force. Despite their differences and past disputes, they banded together, recognizing that the dangers of the outside world far outweighed any internal conflicts. They devised a daring plan to secure the old and abandoned settlement called Noxville, rumored to house a functioning power generator, which could provide them with the electricity they so desperately needed.

Their journey was fraught with peril as they navigated treacherous landscape teeming with the infected. The settlers displayed unwavering determination, defending one another against relentless undead attacks. However, upon reaching the abandoned settlement, they encountered a ruthless gang of bandits who had also heard rumors of the power generator. A fierce battle ensued, and while the settlers ultimately emerged victorious, they suffered painful casualties in the process. Yet, their sacrifice was not in vain; they secured the power generator, marking a pivotal turning point for the settlement's survival. It was a somber but galvanizing experience that reinforced the settlers' unity and commitment to protecting each other in the face of an unforgiving world.

Desperation and greed, remnants of the "old world," continue to cast their long, sinister shadow. Precious treasures are scattered haphazardly, but so too are the dangers that should have remained hidden. In the settlement, Rumors began to circulate about a mysterious barrel. Shrouded in secrecy, a specialized team was hastily assembled to confront the enigmatic contents within.

At the location where the barrel was unearthed, a thick ominous smoke loomed. The team believed they had succeeded, but soon upon returning to the settlement they gave into bewilderment and defiance. As if consumed by an insidious force, they defied reason, authority, and even their own sanity. In the end, they paid the ultimate price, a stark reminder that secrets buried in the depths of darkness often harbor truths that are best left undisturbed.