Game Area

"Abandon all hope ye who enter here."

The game area

Inferno's event 2024 will unfold at Föne Military Base (Fönebasen), located in Ljusdal municipality (Ljusdals kommun). This is an old military airfield, besides as a civilian airfield its also used as a training area for emergency services and dragracing events. The game will unfold over an area of roughly 4.5 km².

The area consists of large open spaces, varied woods, interesting props and lots of roads. We estimate the total length of in-game roads to be over 20 kilometers. The roads are all interconnected, and you never have to travel "off-game" to get from one road to any other.

Furthermore, the area offers woods, bunkers, hangars, abandoned vehicles and more.

For players of "DayZ", the area will feel as if taken straight from the game. The sensation of the airfield, the empty spaces and the old military style which lies over the area is really awesome!

A strong recommendation is to bring good cardio, great walking-shoes, a bike or other vehicles to the area. Note that there is a limited amount of vehicles available.

Various pictures from the area: