Embassy STAFF

Short description:

The Embassy is an outpost for British citizens and all survivors. Their purpose has earlier been to promote the group and development of the settlement through diplomacy and agreements, but has become a more direct approach to the threats of society. Under the leadership of Sir Charles, the Embassy have proclaimed the Föne settlement as a British Colony ruled by a Counsil of representatives from the settlement. 

The Embassy's ties to all of the civilian infrastructure grows tighter and the civilian support for the Embassy grows stronger. Sir Charles hard work bears fruit and it is noticable that among some of the old civilian feuding groups peace now reings. MI6 and SAS have been very usefull tools to create this situation and also the muscle behind Sir Charles plans.

The Embassy, or Queen's messenger as some say, is still a Beacon of hope in Föne's not so bright future. 

“The sun never sets on the British empire!”


Diplomacy. Community. British. Unity. Future. Power Factor. Hierarchy. Strenght. Action.


Found in the storyline.


No ammo-trade with MILSIM factions is allowed!
Read the game rules for chrono and other weapon related demands.