The Virus

The virus

Official name: Purge - Rabies strain 32 “P-R32”,

Unofficial names: “PR”, “32:a”, “Mad John”, “смерть Sibírska”, “New plauge”

Symptoms: Limited or spastic movement. Limited cognitive abilities. Extreme aggressiveness. Almost animal like behavior. Open bleading wounds. To some extent mutations.

Transmission: Mainly by saliva and blood.

Certain cases of people turning have been recorded in cases of cardiac arrest. Studies have not shown yet if there's a passive strain of P-R32 that can activate after a more normal death.

Spread: Global

Origin: Unknown, most likely human made.

Recommendation: Avoid all contact with infected.

Side effects: Purge-R32 may in some cases cause the production of Etandiol within the body of an infected. This phenomenon is more common within the female population that has turned. The phenomenon prevents the infected from freezing and slowing down in colder weather.

The virus can also enhance other senses such as smelling, hearing or sight compared to a healthy human.

Mutations: Shortly after the end of the old society reports came about mutations in small numbers. The last year more mutations has been reported. And appears that mutated infected has gotten un-human traits.

Research: Some research have taken place. Often combined with medical teams getting turned and loss of research data.

Social behaviour: P-R32 causes aggressiveness and hoarding when infected gather in large groups. Hordes have a tendency to be even more aggressive predator behavior.  For some reason turned have a tendency to swarm at certain places.

Cure: No permanent cure exists. 

Unconfirmed information: Unethical research with human subjects may have occured. 

There's been a report with a subject that took two months before showing any symtoms.

General information: This document is a summary of Dr. John van der Kwasts research with former Folkhälsomyndigheten.

Research / Discovery 2019

Heavy infestation northwest of the settlement: Formerly known as "the radioactive zone" turned into a heavily infested area. As survivors and bandits struggled to explore the mysterious radiation a lot of them fell to the infection and a new wave of a mutated strain evolved.

Mutations due to radiation: That radiation will cause mutation in living tissue is nothing new to science. But the way these mutations evolve on the infected have a beastly nature to them. It all seems to turn them into deadlier and more effective hunters.

Vulnerability to certain gases: As the mutations have grown hold of the infected they seem to have lost some of their natural resistances to certain gases and chemical agents. Which ones are unclear at this point.

Sentient infected: Observations were made of sentient infected beings. Humans who remained somewhat conscious and capable of speech. But at heart they were still beasts and craved for flesh and sacrifices.

Research / Discovery 2018

The "new" infected zone: Also known as "the radioactive zone". A new zone in the north is marked by Kiwi. Survivors should avoid the zone as it is filled with the infected.

Other diseases: Some infected have have attracted other diseases besides the infection. If these were diseases were caught before the infection or not remains unclear.

Inadequate medical care: Amputation of hands and feet due to lack of "vaccine" did not save the patient, rather it turned out quite the contrary...