Event info


  • Game length: 13/5 to the 15/5 2021. Note that this is the actual game time.

  • Base area opens: 12/5 at 00:01.

  • Check in and chrono: 12/5 at 18:00-20:00, 13/5 at 10:00-15:00. Exact times might be subject of change.

  • Mandatory safety briefing: 13/5 at 15:30. MILSIM players will have their briefing in their in-game base. All others in the settlement by the hangar and chrono site.

  • Game start: 13/5 at 16:00.

  • Game off: Every night between 01:00-09:00.

  • Game ends: 15/5 at 21:30.

  • End game speech at the hangar: 22:00.

  • After action hangout: 22:15 in the hangar.

  • Players must have left the area: 16/5 at 12:00.

Times and "101 - How to"

Base area opens: 00:01 12th of May (night from Tuesday to Wednesday). Before that you are not allowed to enter the game area and need to stay at the off-zone by the parking. Between the 12th of May 00:01 up to the 13th of May at 16:00 it's OK to stay at your own base but the rest of the game area besides the safe zone is off limits. See your map for allowed traveling-routes to/from your base.

Check in and chrono: 12th of May 18:00-22:00, 13th May 10:00-15:00. Exact times might be subject of change.

Game start: 13th of May at 15:30 with a safety briefing in the hangar (chill/restaurant area) for everyone besides the MILSIM players and game on signal at 16:00. Information about the MILSIM brief will be posted at a later date. It's mandatory to have the security briefing before entering the game. If you miss the initial one see information below.

Game off during night time: Between 01:00-09:00 it's "game off" on the entire game area.

Game end: 21:30 15/5 the game ends.

Game area closes: 16/5 at 12:00. All players must have left the game area no later than 12:00 so the final cleaning can commence. Remember to remove your own garbage and put it in the dumpster by the toilets in the village! See the off-game map.

Safety briefing, Check in and chrono if you miss game start: There will be heats for check in and possible chrono after the game start followed by a safety brief for those who missed the initial one. Times will be posted as we get closer to the event.


Price: A ticket to participate in the event costs 800 SEK (including 25% VAT) per ticket.

Transfer/Sale of paid tickets: All tickets are personal and are not transferable och resellable. Due to a massive amount of work regarding ticket transfers last year we have decided to remove this possibility for further events.


The event takes place at "Fönebasen" in Ljusdals municipal.


Transport: The best way to get to the game area is by car. If you go by train you will preferably go to Ljusdal train station and make your way from there to the game area by buss/taxi or any other means.

Inferno Games does not provide any form of transport to or from the game area.

Electricity: Limited possibilities at the chillax area (hangar) for 220v power sockets.

Food: Some limited amounts of fast food will be available at the in game bar (Föne Roadkill Restaurant). Nearest food store (ICA) is in Färila.

Water: Drinkable water is provided at marked places spread over the game area, off zone and base areas.

Fire: All fires, BBQs or any use of fire/pyro/smoke etc. is your own responsibility and any damage thereafter will be on your own expense. The use of pyro is regulated in the rules and will only be allowed on hard surfaces (tarmac, gravel, sand)

Due to earlier events, no campfires are allowed unless they are in a fire barrel or grill and completely safe.One use grills” are not allowed for campfires but OK for cooking if under surveillance.

There will be wood and fire barrels will be for sale at the area.

Sleeping/accommodation: All players will be sleeping outdoors so bring your own tent, caravan or whichever way you prefer to sleep. If you want to have your accommodation on the game area be aware that it might take fire from airsoft weapons.

Toilets: There are toilets at marked places spread at some points over the game area, off zone and in close proximity to base areas.

HPA refill: Unfortunately we can't refill your HPA cannisters at the area.

Your personal responsibilities as a participant

Every participant needs to know and understand the following information in order to participate:

  • Every player must carry a valid personal ID in case of an accident or be ready to show it if requested by crew.

  • Every player must carry a valid ticket armband handed out at check-in and show it if requested by crew.

  • All participation at the event is at your own risk. We work to minimize all risks for accidents or injury but accidents might still happen. For your own sake make sure you have valid insurances for yourself and any belongings that you might bring.

  • All participants shall have participated in a safety briefing and read (and understood) the game rules for the event.

  • Shall wear eye-protection on the game area during game on.

  • Shall wear hearing-protection whilst in the "CQB/kill-houses".

  • If you bring a car, ATV, dirt bike or similar, you are responsible to make sure it has valid insurances.

By buying a ticket you agree to these terms.

Under 18 years of age?

To participate in the game you have to have turned 18 years old no later than the day of game start. We have chosen to remove the possibility to attend the game for persons under 18 in any form after discussions with the Police authority.

Adventure hub

At the in game bar (at Blackbeard), there will be what we call an adventure hub. If you are looking for company, people to help you with a mission or quest, or want to help others, you can visit this spot. At this location players can post messages, like a pre internet BBS, to create new contacts during the game. Our goal is that this will help players have more fun and create a better LARP experience. More interaction = better LARP. All you need to do is bring paper, pen and tape to be able to post your messages.


Frysen Airsoft

For the 2021 event "Evolution", Frysen Airsoft will set up shop on the game area. Their shop will be available from Wednesday as check in begins until game on on Thursday. During Friday and Saturday they will have their shop open a few hours in the morning and the evening. Exact times will be posted closer to the game. What you buy might be used during the event (within the game rules). They will also have a larger assortment of products than last event!

You will be able to buy things in their webshop and get it delivered to the game area and their temporary store. If you want this, choose "pick up at store" and add "Inferno Games" as a message to your order. This also means you don't have to pay for shipping. If you want your order delivered to Frysen on site store, you have until the 2nd of May to place your order.

MAGNUS Roadkill Restaurant

Same procedure as... every year really? Players will have the option to buy warm food at the game site if the hunger for something else than brains overtake you.

There will be burgers, snacks, soda and whatever Magnus hit with his truck on his morning drive.

(For those of you who lack humor, no it's not really road kills...)

You will find Magnus Roadkill Restaurant in the chill hangar 2021.

The road kill restaurant will also sell wood and fire barrels at the event 2021!