Q: I haven't revived my invoice.

S: The invoice vill be sent to you up to 2h after you have booked a ticket. Check for an email from crew@infernogames.se in your spam folder. Still cant find it? Send an email to Ticket and invoice questions.

Q: I can't come to the event and wan't to sell/transfer my ticket.

S: Due to problems earlier years we have decided that we no longer allow ticket transfers at all.

Q: I have a question about the rules. How can help me?

S: Post the question on the Facebook page or in the Facebook group. The Crew or a player will help you out.

Q: I have lost my ticket. What do I do?

S: It' has been e-mailed to you. Look for the ticket in your mailbox. Still can't find it? Sen a copy of your invoice and of your payment to Ticket and invoice questions.

Q: How do I know Inferno Games have revived my payment.

S: When Inferno Games have received your payment you will get your ticket/receipt sent to you. It can take up to 7 days before you will get the ticket/receipt.

Q: I have paid but my ticket has been canceled. What do I do?

S: We are sorry to hear that the payment haven't gotten to Inferno Games in the 7 days payment period. But If you have paid its easy.

Send a copy of your invoice as well as your payment to crew@infernogames.se.

Without these attachments, we will not have the opportunity to help you.

Contact information

If you have other questions, feel free to contact us on our e-mail or Facebook profile.

Or if you think it might be something other old or new players can answer, feel free to post your question here in our Facebook group.