THE locals 

Short description:

The Locals consist of many different types of people and groups. These are individuals of luck or skill that have survived the disaster. These are therefore not a unified group but a cluster of smaller groups or individuals. They have different experiences, different skills and completely different goals in the new world order.

Within the Locals you can find many types of groups. Bandits, scavengers, explorers, good old fashioned rednecks and hillbilly's or just some people who hide to stay alive. What matters to them is their ability to find solutions to their problems and survive in the harsh environment. 

“We can only survive through freedom and courage”


Freedom. Survival. Preppers. Groups. Individualism. Just about anyone.


Found in the storyline.


A player may accumulate more ammo during the game by completing quests or trading for it with other locals.

If a player dies, they loose their current ammo and respawn with the same amount as they would if the game just started, ergo ONE of the choices above.

No ammo-trade with MILSIM factions is allowed!
Read the game rules for chrono and other weapon related demands.