This is one of the three allegiances you can pick as a Local. Pick one that suits your characters in game ideology and view on life. Below is a manifest for Order. Everyone that chooses this allegiance will get a specific designated living area in the Settlement during the event. This makes it easier to cooperate with your neighbours as you probably have common goals.

TL;DR: Pick this if you believe that there should be order in society based on community under a strong leadership.

Discover the Essence of Harmony

Welcome to Föne! the Settlement of Serenity, where the guiding principles of Order, Obedience, and Unity are the keystones of our thriving community. In the embrace of these principles, we have forged a haven of stability and prosperity, providing a sanctuary for those who seek the beauty of structured living.

1. Order: The Tapestry of Serenity

In the heart of our settlement, witness the exquisite tapestry of Order. Our meticulously planned streets, well-organized infrastructure, and thoughtfully designed living spaces reflect the harmony that arises from a structured existence. Join us in weaving the threads of order into the fabric of our daily lives.

2. Obedience: Strength in Submission

Like a river flowing along its destined course, obedience forms the bedrock of our collective strength. Through adherence to shared principles and communal guidelines, we stand resilient against the unpredictable currents of life. Embrace the power that comes from submitting to a greater purpose and the collective welfare.

3. Unity: The Pillar of Prosperity

United we stand, and in unity, we flourish. Our settlement is a testament to the strength that emerges when individuals come together with a shared vision. As constellations form from individual stars, our community thrives on the diverse talents and perspectives each resident brings. Join hands with your neighbors and become an integral part of our harmonious whole.

4. Serenity Rhythms: Rituals that Bind Us

Participate in our Serenity Rhythms – a series of community rituals that reinforce our commitment to order, obedience, and unity. From weekly gatherings to seasonal celebrations, these rituals are the heartbeat of our settlement, resonating with the collective pulse of our shared purpose.

5. A Beacon of Survival

In Serenity, survival is not a mere chance occurrence. It is a deliberate choice grounded in the principles that guide us. As we navigate the challenges of the ever-changing world, the foundations of order, obedience, and unity serve as our compass, ensuring our endurance and prosperity for generations to come.

Join Us in the Pursuit of Serenity

If you yearn for a life where order brings peace, obedience strengthens resolve, and unity fosters prosperity, the Settlement of Serenity welcomes you. Embrace the structured haven we have built together and contribute to the legacy of a community founded on the principles that bind us in harmony.