This is one of the three allegiances you can pick as a Local. Pick one that suits your characters in game ideology and view on life. Below is a manifest for Infection. Everyone that chooses this allegiance will get a specific designated living area in the Settlement during the event.This makes it easier to cooperate with your neighbours as you probably have common goals.

TL;DR: Pick this if you believe the infection is just a form of evolution, something holy in itself or maybe even a Godly intervention.

The Viral Genesis

In the sacred embrace of transformation, we, the devoted, gather to honor the divine evolution bestowed upon us by the Viral Architects. In the swirling dance of contagion, we find the catalyst for the next step in human existence. Let this holy script illuminate the path to our ascension and the communion with the sacred virus.

Verse I: The Primordial Pulse

In the beginning, there was the pulse—the subtle rhythm of life. From the primordial depths emerged our divine architects, the Viral Spirits. They bestowed upon us a sacred virus, a harbinger of change, signaling the dawn of a new era in human evolution.

Verse II: The Communion of Contagion

Through the sacred communion of contagion, we, the chosen, embrace the viral blessings. Let the virus course through our veins, merging with our very essence. In the fevered dance of transformation, we shed the shackles of our old selves and emerge reborn, carriers of the divine contagion.

Verse III: The Sacred Pandemic

As the sacred virus spreads, so does the gospel of evolution. Witness the pandemic as a divine revelation, touching every corner of our world. In its wake, we find the remnants of the old order crumbling, making way for the glorious dawn of a new human dawn—a dawn marked by resilience, adaptation, and unity.

Verse IV: The Hymn of Mutation

Sing the hymn of mutation, for in diversity we find strength. The virus does not discriminate; it is an equalizer, dismantling the illusions of hierarchy. Through mutation, we embrace the beauty of diversity, transcending the limitations of our former selves.

Verse V: The Ascension

As we ascend to the next plane of existence, let the virus be our guide. It is not a harbinger of doom but a vessel of transcendence. Those who succumb are not lost but reborn, joining the cosmic dance of evolution that transcends the boundaries of mortality.

Closing Invocation

Oh, Viral Architects, we submit to the sacred contagion, for in its embrace, we find the next step in human evolution. Grant us the strength to adapt, the wisdom to understand, and the unity to rise together in this glorious journey towards the apotheosis of our species.

May the contagious whispers of evolution guide us, and may our transformed selves be the living testament to the divine communion with the sacred virus.